We are

grits & groceries orchestra

                                          WINNERS OF THE 2016 BOSTON BLUES SOCIETY

"BLUES challenge"


Based out of Boston, Grits and Groceries Orchestra and their performance is tour de force.  "These guys are TIGHT"!  John Anthony plays one hell of a melodic bass also lending some nice vocals. Robert Lyons delivers some insanely great tenor saxophone, whose sound pierces the atmosphere with mind boggling ease. Rare to hear sax of this quality. Charlie O’Neal on guitar, plays as if everything he did so well in his performance, was simply an epic warm up to what he proceeds to do now.   Kemp Dunn on drums, easily equals the flawless talent of the rest of the band.

    (R.J. Ouellette) The Noise / Music New England

John ANTHONY / vocals & bass

 Charlie O'Neal / Guitar

Robert Lyons / tenor sax

Kemp Dunn / drums